To develop, produce and market products made using thermoplastic polymer injection technology, using the lowest possible quantity of natural and human resources in the task, these being the two special requirements, and to spread the skills we have gained, standardised and documented with every new product, including the knowledge every product brings us.


To have a presence in the main international markets for export of developed, standardised and documented management, using software packages and using our knowledge of thermoplastic polymer injection to produce excellent products there.


Adding value to people with training

…we are the people.

Complete customer satisfaction

…we are the customers.

Supplier satisfaction

…we are the suppliers.

Social responsibility

…we are part of society.

Respect for the environment

…we depend on the environment.

“It is when we look in the mirror that we understand that what is happening on the other side is what we ourselves are doing.”


We use injection machines from 90T to 210T, along with their peripherals, qualified people and fully computerised management. We carry out injection under rigorous monitoring, with appropriate documentation and archived files, so our thermoplastic products meet the previously defined requirements.


We plan and produce the moulds with maximum dimensions, length 496 x height 696 x thickness 600, using the latest technology, So that we can respond to the demanding requirements of the product to be injected, using the lowest possible amount of necessary resources.

Research and Development

Our in-house human capital and several R&D organisations that surround us allow us to translate and document ideas in product requirements. We then convert them into physical form as injected thermoplastic parts, using moulds and production processes that are closely monitored, so that in the end we achieve the desired quality. .


Founded in August 2007 in the region of “Vale do Ave”, In2mold ltd. was created to produce thermoplastic parts using injection technology.

In 2008 the company developed a range of products for domestic syphoning, H2Out – “Solutions for Water”, and we even hold this registered trade mark.

In 2009, for internal injection, the company started developing a mould factory for thermoplastic injection.

In 2011, taking into account the increasingly international nature of the company due to its management model, In2mold started to document its management model in the form of software developed in-house and validated in the company’s processes.

In 2014, as an additional activity, In2mold starts the manufacture of sheet metal parts using cutting and stamping technology.

In 2016, a new brand “WTFitbox” is launched with innovative storage and organization products, especially for drawers and t-shirts.

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